Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a membership?

There is no membership services as of now. Creating a login and browsing services are all free!

Are there any services fees charged?

Yes! There is a small service fee charged to the healers.

How come some services show calendar availability while some I can Add to Cart?

Healers have the option of adding "Bookable Services" or "Products". "Bookable Services" are services that require appointments (either virtually or in person). "Products" are downloadable offerings, links to pre-recorded readings, etc.

How come the calendar only shows Los Angeles (Pacific) Time Zone?

At this stage, all calendars are set to Pacific Time. Please make sure you convert the time zone to where you are located! We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Order & Returns

How do I place an Order?

Search through our multitude of healers and services. Once you find one that calls to you, you will either be able to add to cart if it is a "product" or browse the healers availability if it is a "bookable service"

I booked a session, but it did not show me payment options?

For some sessions, the healers have setting to "require confirmation". If this is the case, the healer must confirm the booking before payment. After the booking is confirm by the healer, you will receive an email to submit payment.

What is the refund policy?

During the beta phase, refunds will need to be worked out directly with the healer. Their email will be provided after booking. Service fees are nonrefundable.

What if I need to reschedule a booking?

During the beta phase, rescheduling will need to be worked out directly with the healer. Their email will be provided after booking.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Paypal and major credit cards. We also use Stripe.


How to I sign up to be a healer?

Go to the "Become an InHealer" page and click sign up!

How much is it to create a profile and offer my services?

It is free to create a profile! There is a small service fee collected on each purchase.

What is "Bookable Service" vs. "Products"?

"Bookable Services" are any services that require clients to book through your calendar availability. Either in-person or virtual appointments. "Products" are downloadable links, pre-recorded readings, links to videos, etc.

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