Astrology Chart Decoder Reading

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This is a document-only astrology reading that covers one specific area of your birth chart. You’ll receive a document with your astrology chart information and a specific, unique hack for your specific birth chart.


Our natal charts hold so many keys to unlocking and maximizing our gifts. If you’re looking for clarity on a specific topic, this service is for you.

After you purchase this reading, you will receive an email from me asking for your birth time, date, and location. At that time, you can choose which Decoder option you’d like. Please allow 3-7 business days after receiving your birth information for fulfillment of the reading.

Choose from the following Decoder reading options:

  • Personality Decoder – We’ll look at your big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising) and chart ruler to get a sense of who you are at your core. This reading is ideal for people who are brand new to astrology and want to get a feel for it. This is the most basic reading and is a fabulous foundation for future readings.
  • Career Decoder – We’ll look at the main areas in your chart that relate to career, your outward persona, and what industries, work styles, and career goals are most aligned for you based on your chart. This reading is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for guidance on how to show up publicly or what type of energy to put into their business for more success.
  • Love Decoder – This option dives into your Venus Triad and core needs in partnership, sex, and love. This reading is great for anyone who feels like they don’t know what they want in love or who keep finding themselves disappointed and frustrated with their romantic interactions.
  • Wealth Decoder – Here we’ll look at short term and long term wealth building strategies based on your chart. We’ll also cover what money blocks you signed up for in this life time and how to work through them. This reading is ideal for anyone interested in accumulating wealth with more ease and less hustle.
  • Spiritual Gifts Decoder – Everyone has spiritual gifts! In this reading, we’ll look at all areas of your chart related to spiritual gifts to see which ones come most naturally to you and what environments and strategies will likely work best to help you develop them. This reading is great for anyone who wants to develop psychic abilities, connect with their guides more, and become a more powerful manifestor.
  • Health Decoder – This reading looks at routines, food, exercise, and your physical body. This reading is great for hacks related to daily basic health management like sleep, weightloss, strength, habit building, and energy management. This is not an in-depth reading to support chronic illness recovery, etc.
  • Lifepath Decoder – This reading looks at your North Node and South Node to paint a picture about what your goal was in this life time when you incarnated. We’ll look at superpowers you incarnated with and themes you chose to overcome. This is a great reading for anyone who feels confused or lost about their path and needs some guidance to get back on track.
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Astrology Chart Decoder Reading

$88.00$111.00 (-21%)

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