Injury/Pain Mindset Management & Customized Care Plan (Free Consultation)


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Free consultation for injury/pain management from a connected mind-body-spirit lense.

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There is a mental, emotional & spiritual component to caring for physical injuries and pain. Pain is a message from the body-most often saying “please stop and listen”. Actually doing this can feel counterintuitive to everything we have been taught by society, heard from coaches & in the presence of  intrusive fears about what this could mean for our “ability”. Buddha teaches us that life includes suffering AND that we need not shoot ourselves with a “second arrow” by judging, fearing or resisting the first. I draw from my personal experience with injury and disability and the work I have done with movers of all ages and abilities, to hold your hand through a sometimes very hard and scary but also necessary and liberating transformation of walking away from “battling” our bodies and learning a new way to nourish & support them instead—the way they have always been working to support us.

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Injury/Pain Mindset Management & Customized Care Plan (Free Consultation)