Tarot Counseling


Tarot Cards can be used as a helpful tool to open up individuals and the channels of energy for clarity and direction. Many times, people have a difficulty opening themselves up more intuitively and using cards can help get a visual and give more immediate guidance.


Tarot Counseling differs from a regular reading because it is a much more in depth reading session. It helps to clarify and deepen the messages from the cards, releasing resistance and enabling more inner awareness through self reflection in a simple and safe way.


A session can look like:
1. Guided Meditation
2. Tarot/ Oracle Card Reading
3. Discussion
-What’s going on and how can these cards help you
-Question and Answer Session
-Ways to utilize the guidance in real time
– Break down information so it is translatable for you
-Other possible additions: Handouts

Sessions may look different depending on the individual’s needs and the information gathered from the session in general.


Disclaimer: Through tarot counseling you are being supported and guided by your own energy. I am merely a catalyst to create the space for messages and guidance to come through. Ascending Sunflower will not Force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense.

120 minute Sessions

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