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Ascending Sunflower

  • Austin, Texas, United States (US)
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  • I have been a Transcendental Meditator since 2012, Agnihotra Meditator since 2018, have learned from many Shamans, Trained in different modalities by skilled practitioners, and have a strong connection to source. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Human Services with extensive training and focus in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.

    I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2015 but practiced since 2013. Since becoming a "Master" I have adopted a different form of Energy Healing which I offer several different levels of sessions and teachings. 

    I am a certified Life Coach & Ordained Minister.  I have created and host personal development and spiritual classes, Women Circles, workshops, classes, and other activities that promote self-care, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I have taught meditation in Crisis Centers, groups, and individually.

    Growing up as an empath, I easily absorbed the energy of people and places around me with little awareness of it or how to balance it in a productive way. Instead it became heavy, often weighing me down. Different periods in my life Anxiety and Depression started to consume me, writing a different story than I ever imagined, obscuring my view of the world and most importantly, myself. I knew it didn't have to be my story and still, when growth becomes hard, it doesn't.

    Realizing I was the only one who could re-write it, I discovered ways and tools to help this process, I was able to build a foundation for myself to heal and become more whole so that I can emit this out to others and help in a more productive way. Art and energy work became the doorway to MY story.  Art for me is a way to express what words cannot, an outlet for my being to create. It is a teacher and a healer for me as I continue to recall, grow, and learn on this journey. When I began creating art I felt pieces of me become more whole and settled, a feeling that hasn't left. 

    Energy work & Meditation have been the ultimate tools of healing and constant charge to help balance what I and life has to offer. It's become a way for me to align myself, become more present and aware, and navigate a little more effortlessly every day. It has helped support my desire, passion, and natural ability to empower healing for others. 

    My strongest and highest hope for Ascending Sunflower Creations is to promote a more empowered life for anyone and everyone I am able to reach through intentional, energy based work. Knowing how powerful energy is and a piece of art with intentional energy behind it can be to the person who holds it has influenced how I create, how I navigate, and why. We are worthy of living a life we are happy with and I hope to spread a glimpse of that.

    Through the knowledge I have gained through intensive work in the Social Work field and bridging that with my spiritual abilities, I am able to offer a wide variety of services and products that support individual's on their own journey of healing and integration so that they can live a life meaningful and purposeful to them.

    As we heal the world within, our world without becomes a reflection. You are worthy. Let's grow together.

    Love, Michaela

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